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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bucktown lands trendy national jeweler | News | Crain's Chicago Business

We finally found out who pushed so hard to rent the space out from under us--it is hard to compete with a national brand.  Independent businesses begin in these neighborhoods, such as in soho and bucktown; it's a shame that in the end the street ends up looking like a shopping mall.  We wondered why this tenant wanted our particular space so badly when there was a space available right next door- we have a destination client that wants to buy jewelry and now they will be walking into his store.  We would have been fine with him right next door, as our jewelry is very different.  Alexis Bittar is fashion/costume jewelry for all intents and purposes, while ours is finer.  Perhaps the price point is similar, but the product is very, very different.
We offered to match the rent on our space, but as the story says,  ‘I want a major retailer. You’re a small business, you could go out of business any time,’”

Fortunately, that isn't the case.  We aren't going out of business, we are still growing.  Namaste. ;)

Bucktown lands trendy national jeweler | News | Crain's Chicago Business

Monday, October 4, 2010

Why the store is dark right now...(no, we are not going out of business)

Friends and customers, 
Gem Jewelry Boutique has closed up the shop at 1710 N. Damen Ave., in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. While Gem maintained a solid performance at the location and intended to stay on, the owner of the building shifted his intentions very late in the lease renewal process in favor of a “major retailer”. Unfortunately, due to conditions and restrictions, we were unable to share this information with you until now. At some point our blog will chronicle the episode, if only to educate and entertain current and future independent retailers. At this moment we are negotiating a new address and will be up and open in quick order. We still have our wonderful jewelry available for purchase on our secure commerce website, . And you can continue to reach us at 773-384-7700, and at  Thank you so much and see you soon!
Laura and Nick Kitsos,
Gem Jewelry Boutique