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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Check out our eccentricities!

little metal army guys  $6.50-$6.75

zinc skull tags $2.50 each

incense cones that last for days $10 and $16

sake or chilled vodka set $55-

pyro worthy wooden matches with old photos from India $4.50

hand paperweight/back scratcher?  $11.50

pretend you work for the paper--field notes $10

glass balls on a hook for a candle or air succulent
$19-27 with hook

Monday, March 21, 2011

The original Chan Luu wrap bracelets in stock now!

The original Chan Luu wrap bracelet.  What's the difference?  Real leather, not vinyl;  tight wrapping which won't unravel in 2 months; these will last years.   Sterling silver beads and clasp, not base metal.   Real stones, not glass.  Plus, after wearing, they soften and become like a favorite pair of worn in jeans.  You can wear them with anything!  I don't want to wear a knock-off;  I want the real deal!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More black spot books have arrived!

see how sweetly they arrive, all wrapped in old book paper?
all the new books with leather from mid-century sofas, parisian boots from the 70's, baseball mitts and old handbags.  

clocks, scarves and fun books!

newgate clocks from England; love the "Lille" clock!
hand screened silk scarves from Portland designer plainMADE
also from England, reprinted book from the early 1900's
colorful Acai necklaces